Prep for Trivia Bowl 2013 With Last Year’s Questions

Emily Tan April 24, 2013 0
Prep for Trivia Bowl 2013 With Last Year’s Questions

Think you have what it takes to be a trivia master? Take a stab at these questions from Trivia Bowl 2012:

The “Gossip Girl” series revolves around the lives of privileged young adults from what New York neighborhood? Upper East Side
What is Demi Moore’s new Twitter handle? JustDemi
What is “Sex and the City’s” Mr. Big’s real name? You must provide both first and last names. John Preston
What was Ken Jeong’s profession before he became known for his roles as Mr. Chow in “The Hangover” and Chang in “Community”? Doctor
Universal Pictures is currently celebrating its blank anniversary. 100th
Name the only two men who won two consecutive best actor Oscars. Tom Hanks and Spencer Tracy
Once known as America’s premier shipbuilding facility, this historical site is now home to New York City’s largest soundstage. Brooklyn Navy Yard
The character Cameron in “Modern Family” is a classically trained Auguste clown. What is his clown name? Fizbo
Who is the Caroline who inspired Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” song? Caroline Kennedy
What is Popeye’s friend Wimpy’s favorite food? Hamburger (or burger)
Which Asian American actress played James Bond’s love interest in 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”? Michelle Yeoh
What independent film was the first to be acquired by MTV Films for distribution? Better Luck Tomorrow
“How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and “A Chorus Line” are two Broadway musicals that won a Tony for Best Musical and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in the same year. Name the other two. Rent and South Pacific
What New York City-based artist designed the cover of the 1987 “A Very Special Christmas” album, which features Run-DMC, Madonna, U2 and others? Keith Haring
In the 1988 comedy “Coming to America,” what was the name of the fictitious country that Eddie Murphy’s character, Prince Hakeem, was from? Zamunda
Name the Asian-American who is the CEO of online humor network Cheezburger, which includes I Can Has Cheezburger and FAIL blog. Ben Huh
“Dancing With the Stars” is based on a British reality show but is the American name for it. What is the title of the British original? Strictly Come Dancing
What legendary band once recorded a jingle for Rice Krispies? Rolling Stones
Which sitcom actor wrote the original theme to “Wheel of Fortune”? Alan Thicke
Name the female vocalist featured in “Like a G6” by the Asian-American hip-hop group Far East Movement. Dev

What is the largest city in the U.S. based on population? New York City
What is the third most popular language in Canada? Chinese
What two countries are immediately south of Saudi Arabia? Yemen and Oman
Truth or Consequences is a town located in what state? New Mexico
What is the chemical formula for salt? NaCl
What is the group name for the chemical elements helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon? Noble gases
What do you call a scientist who studies dinosaurs and other prehistoric life? Paleontologist
Name the main protagonist of Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy. First name is OK. Katniss Everdeen, Katniss is acceptable
Who are the three musketeers? Athos, Porthos, Aramis
The CEO of Zappos recently wrote a book called “Delivering Happiness.” Name him. Tony Hsieh

What is the name of the publication that highlighted Latino voters in America but mistakenly featured an AAJA member? Time
What is the final destination of the space shuttle Enterprise? Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum (Intrepid is acceptable)
The Mega Millions lottery game set a new jackpot record in March. What was the amount? $656 million
What is the name of Kate Middleton’s dog? Lupo
What’s the name of J.K. Rowling’s next novel? The Casual Vacancy
What did actor Penn Badgley’s T-shirt say during a “Gossip Girl” celebration/announcement with Mayor Bloomberg in January? We Are the 99%
What famous architect designed Dwight D. Eisenhower’s new Washington memorial? Frank Gehry
What is the name of the hotel in Colombia where the Secret Service reportedly brought prostitutes? Hotel Caribe
After being held at Madison Square Garden for many years, the Millrose Games track and field competition moved uptown this year to a new location. Name the new site. The Armory
What NBA player changed his name to Metta World Peace? Ron Artest
Tim Tebow was born in what country? Philippines
What is the name of the IBM CEO who is denied membership to the Augusta National Golf Club? Ginni Rometty
What team won the most Stanley Cups? Montreal Canadiens
Name the Korean-American right wing who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Richard Park
What number was Jeremy Lin wearing when he played for the Golden State Warriors? 7
What is the final score in the 2012 men’s NCAA Championship game between Kansas and Kentucky? 67-59
Name the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets. Buffalo Bisons
White Sox pitcher Phillip Humber recently became the 21st player in Major League Baseball to throw the perfect game. Who was the 20th player? Roy Halladay
Army has had three Heisman trophy winners, including a pair famously known as Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside. Name these two winners. Glenn Davis and Felix “Doc” Blanchard
What sport has a hooker in a scrum? Rugby

Name the photographer who won a Pulitzer Prize for his photo of a naked Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack. Nick Ut
Who was the commander of the Titanic? Edward John Smith (or E. J. Smith or Edward Smith)
What year was Chinese American Vincent Chin killed by two white autoworkers in Detroit who blamed the loss of U.S. auto manufacturing jobs to Japan? 1982
Name the Japanese American who will posthumously receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this year for his Supreme Court fight to appeal his conviction of violating 1942 internment orders but lost, only to have his conviction overturned more than four decades later. Gordon Hirabayashi
How many electors are in the U.S. Electoral College? 538
Who is the first Japanese American to serve in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate? Daniel Inouye
Which U.S. presidents make up Mount Rushmore? George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln
Who is the first president to win a Nobel Peace Prize? Theodore Roosevelt
Mitt Romney is the fifth Mormon to run for U.S. president, who is the first? Joseph Smith Jr.
What U.S. president designated the entire month of May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? George H.W. Bush

Out of the five New York boroughs, which one is the smallest based on land area? Manhattan
What was New York City originally called? New Amsterdam
What publication spearheaded the Occupy Wall Street movement last year? Adbusters
Empire State Building is the tallest completed building in New York City. What is the second tallest completed building? Bank of America Tower
Who was the only president to have been born in New York City? Theodore Roosevelt
What year did female students start enrolling at Columbia University? 1983
What item was legal in most of the United States but illegal in some parts of Manhattan until the ban was lifted in 1997? Garbage disposals
Name the internationally well-known ice cream company that was established in the Bronx in the mid-20th century and later opened its first shop in Brooklyn. Haagen-Dazs
Name the four Yankees who have had these numbers retired: 3, 4, 5 and 7. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle
What are the stage names of Adam Yauch, Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond? MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D
What historic Brooklyn neighborhood is Notorious B.I.G. from? Clinton Hill
Name the only surviving original member of the seminal punk rock band the Ramones who was in the lineup on their eponymous debut album. Tommy
Who originally recorded “New York, New York”? Liza Minnelli
After using one of their murals without permission in a 2011 commercial for Fiat starring Jennifer Lopez, this Bronx-based graffiti collective settled out of court with the carmaker. Name this group. TATS Cru
What Queens neighborhood was the 1970s hit sitcom “All in the Family” set in? Astoria
Name the menswear designer who set up shop at the historic CBGB. John Varvatos
Joe Zee, the creative director of Elle magazine, also has his own reality show on Sundance Channel. What’s the name of his show? All on the Line
Name the Asian American designer who outfitted first lady Michelle Obama in a stunning ivory gown at President Obama’s inaugural balls. Jason Wu
The main metaphor for the famous novel “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith is a hardy “Tree of Heaven,” which is native to China. Name this novel’s young protagonist. Mary Frances “Francie” Nolan. Francie is OK
Michelle Obama was the second first lady to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. Who was the first? Hillary Clinton

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