AAJA-NY Trivia Bowl 2013: ABC/CBS Takes the Crown from the New York Times

Emily Tan July 30, 2013 0
AAJA-NY Trivia Bowl 2013: ABC/CBS Takes the Crown from the New York Times

NEW YORK — They came, they saw and they won.

Eight teams battled for the title of the Asian American Journalists Association-New York Chapter Trivia Bowl II champion and the coveted Tea Cup.

But there was only one that took the top spot – the combined team made up of ABC/CBS News employees.

Held at the Broadstreet Ballroom on May 16, 2013, print, online and broadcast journalists along with many community groups and corporate sponsors competed in a fast paced trivia game adapted from AAJA-Los Angeles’ signature Trivia Bowl event.

To view photos from this year’s event, click here.

The teams that made the event possible included presenting sponsor General Motors, WABC, The New York Times, NowThis News, Newsday employees, ABC/CBS News employees, AARP-NY and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF).

Food was provided by Diamond Hill Café and the drinks were from Tiger Beer. Other snacks included GoGoSqueez and Kind Bars.

The event was hosted by Fox 5 reporter Ti-Hua Chang and NY1 reporter Agnes Chung.

Teams had to answer 60 questions in five rounds that included categories like pop culture and current events. In between rounds items such as sporting event tickets and gift cards were raffled/auction off to benefit the chapter.

Click here to see a list of this year’s sponsors.

Event proceeds went toward supporting chapter operations including supporting students who pursue the journalism profession; providing increased training to AAPI journalists so they can be effective leaders for positive change in the industry with a commitment to diversity in the newsroom, and forging stronger ties within the AAPI communities.

After five rounds of fierce competition, the group made up of CBS/ABC News employees was declared the winner over last year’s champion – the New York Times.

The following are the team final standings:

1. CBS/ABC News Employees
2. The New York Times
4. GM
5. Newsday/AALDEF/NowThisNews (tied)

For a full list of this year’s questions, click here: (link to this list – if you put on a separate page

AAJA-NY TRIVIA BOWL 2013 Questions
1. What Olympic swimmer recently debuted his or her own reality show? Ryan Lochte
2. Name the actor who has won the most Oscars in the best actor category. Daniel Day Lewis
3. Who is Nora Jones’ father? Ravi Shankar
4. Jennifer Aniston is finally getting married. Who is her fiancé? Justin Theroux
5. What is still the best-selling album of all time? Thriller
6. What’s the longest running scripted show on TV? The Simpsons
7. B.D. Wong won a Tony award for his leading role in what Broadway play? M. Butterfly
8. The founders of Starbucks was inspired by what famous novel for their coffeehouse name? Moby Dick
9. Which professional dancer on “Dancing With the Stars” won the most mirrorballs? Full name must be given because there are siblings on the show. Derek Hough
10. Which Facts of Life star almost got the role of Monica from “Friends”? Nancy McKeon
11. Who was the second person to host the “Tonight Show”? Jack Paar
12. Name the contestant who stopped Ken Jennings’ 74-winning streak on “Jeopardy.” Nancy Zerg
ROUND 2: IT’S ELEMENTARY (Things you learned in elementary and middle schools)
1. How many oceans are officially recognized on Earth? Five
2. What is the capital of West Virginia? Charleston
3. How many sides does a concave hexagon have? 6
4. What element has the atomic number of 2 and what is its symbol? Helium, He
5. Who is the fourth president of the United States? James Madison
6. What’s the only even prime number? 2
7. Pluto was stripped of its planet status and was reclassified as what? Dwarf planet
8. What state became the 48th state of the United States? Arizona
9. What scientist is famous for inventing dozens of products using peanuts and for his dedication in helping Southern black farmers? George Washington Carver
10. What was the name of the U.S. spaceship that landed on the moon? Apollo 11
11. What country is directly north of Germany? Denmark
12. What’s the scientific name for the human big toe? Hallux

1. The five surviving presidents of the United States gathered for the opening of George W. Bush’s presidential library. Who are the oldest and youngest surviving presidents? Oldest: George H.W. Bush (b. 6/12/1924) and youngest: Barack Obama (b. 8/4/1961)
2. What former executive producer of the “Today” show is now running CNN? Jeffrey “Jeff” Zucker
3. How many cardinals were involved in the conclave to elect Pope Benedict XVI’s successor Pope Benedict XVI? 115
4. Recently named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, this New Yorker co-founded Kickstarter. Perry Chen
5. NBA player Jason Collins is the first openly gay male professional athlete in a major American sports team. He chose his jersey number “98” in reference to whom? Matthew Shepard
6. Name the dinosaur that turned out to have never existed and was instead made up mostly of Apatosaurus bones. Brontosaurus
7. What was ESPN’s full name when it started in 1979? Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
8. Name the town where the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect was caught? Watertown
9. On April 22, the Chicago Tribune newsroom sent pizzas to Boston Globe staffers to thank them for their Boston Marathon bombing coverage. In return, what did Globe staffers send to the Tribune newsroom? Doughnuts
10. What’s the flagship paper of Hearst Corp.? San Francisco Chronicle
11. Who is the first Asian American to become editor in chief of a major U.S. daily paper? William Woo
12. What university administers the Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism? University of California, Los Angeles
1. Who founded the Standard Oil Company? John D. Rockefeller
2. Name the only constitutional amendment that was eventually repealed. 18th Amendment or Amendment XVIII
3. Name the highest ranking Asian American in U.S. military history who is currently serving as the U.S. secretary of Veterans Affairs? Eric Shinseki
4. The Space Needle was built in time for what major event in Seattle that attracted millions of tourists? World’s Fair
5. In the Iran-Contra Affair, what country did the Contras come from? Nicaragua
6. What is the name of the U.S. Secretary of State who led the purchase of Alaska from Russia? William Seward
7. Who is the only U.S. president to hold a patent? President Lincoln
8. What American industrialist helped build the Eads bridge over the Mississippi River that connected St. Louis and Illinois? Andrew Carnegie
9. Name the two key lawyers who faced off against each other in the Scopes Monkey trial of 1925. Williams Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow
10. Trend-setter Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis picked this architect to design her husband’s presidential library. I.M. Pei
11. What famous 20th century American novelist has a statue in Rice Park in St. Paul, Minn.? F. Scott Fitzgerald
12. Sixteen senators have also served as president of the U.S. But who was the first senator to have moved directly from the U.S. Senate to the White House? Warren G. Harding
1. What country will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Brazil
2. Who designed first lady Michelle Obama’s dress for this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Monique Lhuillier
3. Who is the most decorated American athlete with eight Winter Olympic medals?Apolo Ohno
4. What’s the full name of the founder of the FEED Projects? Lauren Bush Lauren
5. Name the well-known designer who serves as president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Diane von Furstenburg
6. What is the name of Manti Te’o’s fictional girlfriend? Lennay Kekua
7. Who is the first female designer to win Project Runway? Chloe Dao or Chloe
8. What is this year’s theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Ball, also known as the Met Gala? Punk
9. Which National League team has the most World Series championships? St. Louis Cardinals
10. Name the fashion designer who became the creative director of the Alexander McQueen brand after McQueen’s death in 2010? Sarah Burton
11. Name the NFL quarterback who recently broke the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Drew Brees
12. NHL’s Colorado Avalanche was originally known as what team before it moved to Denver? Quebec Nordiques

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