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1. UNITY Update

  • a) 72 attendees from NY
  • b) Ti-Hua Chang awarded Mentorship of the Year
  • c) Paul Cheung voted National President
  • d) Corky Lee’s camera stolen
  • While Corky was setting up the Silent Auction, his camera was stolen
  • Lost $3-$4K in equipment
  • Maria waiting to hear back from National on fundraising protocol
  • e) Positive feedback from four scholarship winners on mixers and networking breakfast with AAJA veteran Henry Moritsugu and his son, Ken

2. 2013 Board Elections

  • a) Deadline: November 5, 2012 – Official names sent to National
  • b) Open board positions: VP of broadcast, VP of digital, secretary, social media chair and membership co-chair
  • chairs = one-year term, board = two-year term
  • c) Convention help: logistic communication volunteer (specific point person) needed to help co-chairs for 2013 AAJA Convention (August 21-24)

3. Trivia Bowl – Tentative Date: May 2013 (Bao)

  • a) Sponsorship
  • Kathy approaching sponsors now
  • Change sponsorship rates
  • Each table should be a minimum of $500
  • Non-media sponsors: assign two AAJA members at those tables
  • b) Summary and update
  • Expected 2013 headcount: 300
  • Secure a bigger venue than ABC TV1 Studio
  • Venue requirements: projector, DJ, sound equipment (similar to a wedding)
  • Chris mentioned Time Inc. building as potential venue
  • Paul suggested NYU Student Union Center (Jia Guo – NYU student contact)
  • Check Columbia’s Dodge Hall as well
  • c) Questions
  • Should we open to the general public?
  • Live-stream the Trivia Bowl?

4. Treasurer’s Update (Chris)

  • a) Action plan for 2013 budget deadline: End of November

Treasurer’s Report

Checking                                $41,238.39

Checking 2                                       $1.00

Savings                                    $9,030.00

Total $50,269.39

5. Upcoming Events

  • a) Resume Critique (October)
  • Spearheaded by Sital
  • Volunteers: Maria, possibly Christine depending on work schedule
  • Paul suggested to recruit NYU and Columbia students as volunteers
  • 70 attendees last year
  • NYT building as potential venue (discuss with PJ to secure space)
  • Approach Macy’s to provide fashion advice on professional business attire
  • Heather will hand food sponsorship (possibly Panera Bread or BonChon Chicken)
  • Paul will check with Jamba Juice for breakfast sponsorship
  • Find industry editors/etc. to critique resumes and portfolios Dean Chang from the NYT already agreed, check with Digital First Media
  • b) Corky’s fundraiser
  • Schedule dinner at a nice restaurant: charge $50/$100 a head
  • Schedule an Asian American show outing
  • Sell some of Corky’s photos on postcards
  • Find out about camera insurance
  • c) Holiday Party: December
  • d) ELP Reunion Mixer: Before November (at a bar)

6. 2013 AAJA Convention Update

  • -New York is the host chapter, every chapter has a responsibility
  • -Silent Auction: Seattle, San Diego, Philadelphia (Chair – Sanjay Bhatt)
  • -Helin Jung volunteered to receive Silent Auction items and store in her office (Time Inc. building) and create a spreadsheet of bid items

LOCATION: News Corp. Building, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd floor

ATTENDEES: Maria Sandoval, Paul Cheung, Sital Patel, Chris Chiang, Bao Ong, Heather Schultz (Anita’s proxy), Christine Hsu, Linda Giang, Helin Jung, Sachi Fujimori, Jia Guo, Soo-Min Oh

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