AAJA-NY September Chapter Meeting Minutes

Philip Yam September 11, 2013 0
AAJA-NY September Chapter Meeting Minutes



Via conference call (530-881=1300; code: 991429): Cat, Bao, Philip, Bea, Chris, Will, Loretta


1. Convention wrap-up/tips for next host chapter


13,370 attendees; 940 paying attendees.

Still getting profit calculations, finishing tail end of sponsorships.

*Chris to have an answer at end of the week about sponshships.


What was great, what could be improved to help DC chapter and next year’s convention organizers.


Overall, people seemed impressed with the convention.


Loretta: Overall convention was awesome, more than I expected. Gala, mixers didn’t know they were going to take place. Grat programming. One complaint: couldn’t go to all the sessions. Also at first didn’t know I had to pay for pre-workshop convention


Will: In the past, we charged for any pre-convention workshops.


Location was a winner—besides being close to midtown and to major media outlets (and mixers), you didn’t have far to go to find workshops and events.


Sched app—Works great, but hard to add your own things into it. But great otherwise.


- More time to find sponsorships.

Now is the time to start fundraising, put that funds toward the goal.


- Better communication

No one on the NY board knew about several mixers.


DC chapter needs to be proactive to find out about such mixers.


- Funding options for host chapter

DC Chapter should grapple with decision of income breakdown and which option to take, if available (silent auction profit or cut of convention profit).


- Silent auction


Main problem: huge influx of last minute material w/o data, no documentation.


Establish 2 week cutoff time? Problem is that it’s hard to say no to donations. Reality is that stuff will come in late.


Lack of advertising of silent auction in convention book.


Silent auction items printed out on an auction list would help so that people can see beforehand what’s available or have friends bid for them if they are not there (perhaps the major ones only). But a function of (a lack of) time and getting items late.


Reduce starting bid for items with no bids? (We put those items on eBay or gave to chapters to auction/raffle off on their own.)


Increase the number of more affordable items?


-Gala benefit


Some people complained about not having assigned seats. Is it worth doing so? A lot of logistical effort would be needed beforehand to try to accommodate guests (would need to specify who people want to sit next to when they register for the convention, and then volunteers would need to match them up).


2. AAJA Mixer

- Friday, no date set yet. Oct 4 or Sep. 27.


Ideas for a bar, location for this? Let Cat know.


Theme is, Have a drink on us. Round trip tix can be raffled off.


For the rest of the year:

- Resume critique (mid Oct) – Bao raises this point

- Election mixer

- Holiday party


If someone wants to put a workshop together, advise the board.


Resume critiques

Bao: Resume critique day–usually done at New york Times.  It will be a matter of getting critiquers coming on-board to do this.


Anyone in mind? Maybe Melissa Chu – time, inc.? We’ll need to find someone to take it on within in the next 2 weeks. Doesn’t have to be a board member.


*Bao, Cat to ask for some critiquers.


Renee of online news assn. as a possible contact.


SAJA has Oct 5 conventoin in the fall, so target Oct 4 likely.


3. New NY board members.

* Christ to send out details in an email to listserv to ask people who are interested in running for office.


4. Mentorship.

*Philip to send out listserv note asking for mentor volunteers. Christ notes that it can be part of the resume critique.


4. Miscellaneous


Binhost to close out listserv soon (mid  Oct); still works.


*Cat to share admin info about Google Groups so that board members can admin it on request.

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