AAJA-NY November Chapter Meeting Minutes

Sachi Fujimori November 21, 2014 0
AAJA-NY November Chapter Meeting Minutes

AAJA-NY Chapter Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 11, 7-8:30 PM
NY1 News, 75 Ninth Avenue.
I. Chapter News recap so far
1. Key tasks from National
A. promote next convention August 12-15, 2015, San Francisco
B. let members know early bird registration is open
C. renew your membership
D. Need three items for the Silent Auction at National Convention
1) travel/hotel (focus on hotel so no conflict with SouthWest Airlines, whom national has an agreement with)
2) NY experience item
3) high-value item
E. Nov. 28 deadline for ideas for convention panel
2. Spending for 2014
A. we gave out $16,000 in scholarships and stipends: 7 convention stipends, 3 internship stipends, 5 ELP scholarships, JCAMP, Voices, and professional development workshops.
II. Trivia Bowl Update from Leezel
1. We shouldn’t expect the same level of sponsorship from GM for 2015
2. Leezel is already talking with CNN. Need members to help brainstorm more sponsors and catering donations
III. National Updates from Brooke
1. National is in the process of approving its restructuring plan. National officers and governing board approved the proposal in September. Winter board meeting in December need to approve the timeline.
2. Brainstorm with national officers and ELP consultants about next year’s ELP, to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
a. Going to do a non-traditional program, opening it up to other journalism organizations, building the visibility of our program. About 100 to 200 people held in NAPA
b. Qualifications—mid-career professional. Must demonstrate some leadership experience, either a board member or a national officer.
c. On 3rd day they will do an ELP reunion
d. Anyone who wants to participate on planning committee should get in touch with Brooke. Need fundraising help and programming ideas
e. Same week as the ONA- conference, so hopefully we can involve the ONA leadership and membership
f. Major theme: how to lead change in the newsroom and adapt to new technology.
IV. Holiday Party at Barn Joo
1. Encourage members to renew membership. They get a raffle ticket if they do so.
2. Need to solicit volunteers to sell raffle tickets
3. Raffle prizes—Emily suggested her friend at Jeepney, for a rest. certificate. Shirley knows someone who works at the David Letterman show to get tickets.
4. Need to figure out pricing, so we can at least break even. Going on the honor system for members to renew their membership to get the discounted party tickets.
V. Ideas for new events in 2015
1. Resume critiques, should do it before the Columbia job fair in March
2. Have more mixers to practice networking, and co-host with affinity groups
3. Panel with HR people to get inside info about what they look for/think
4. BuzzFeed Tour. Dao Nguyen, publisher of BuzzFeed, invite her for a panel discussion
5. Once a month meetings with media pros. In NYC
6. Data skills update
7. New student board member

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