AAJA-NY June Chapter Meeting Minutes

Philip Yam June 20, 2013 0
AAJA-NY June Chapter Meeting Minutes

AAJA-NY Agenda 061813

@ Ted’s Restaurant

1) Trivia Bowl Update Numbers (Chris)

2)  Vote on profit share from National convention- to make it official

3)  Convention Updates  (Brooke)

TW/NY1 Sponsor

Pre-registration deadline June 21, $300 pro & $150 Student

4)  National Updates (Paul)

Power of One ($250 per Chapter President / Board member)

5) Events

a) Board Meeting July 8th Monday (vote), Aug 5th Monday (do we need it?)

b) ONA/AAJA mixer Yvonne lead, July 17 or 24th. (do dates work?)

c) AAJA’s Summer Mixer July 10 or July 11th (do dates work?)

d) Pre-Convention Mixer Aug 3 (do dates work?)

6) Chapter Responsibilities

a) Silent Auction (coordinate w/ national, gather high end items) : Sona Patel (lead), Helen

(item receiver) and Chau. Sital will you be available to advise?

b) Sponsorship raise $25,000: Team includes: Cat, Chris, Philip, Nichole, Chau -

Philip and Chris can discuss

c) Volunteer Team will work w/ National to get ppl for convention and pre-convention

planning : Email Michelle Udem if interested: mpudem@gmail.com

d) Gold/Platinum Members (work to secure goodies/experiences for $$ members):

Bea will update via email

e) Mentorship (coord w/ National to re-vamp local program by establishing

mentors/mentees list): Philip (lead)

f) Scholarships (Work on internship scholarship and convention scholarships): Helen K,

Susanna, Bao. (Discuss deadlines, need a committee member)

7) Other Concerns?



JUNE 18, 2013

Ted’s Montana Grill

Attendees: Emily Tan, Paul Cheung, Brooke Camp, Corky Lee, Philip Yam, Chris Chiang, Maria Cat Sandoval

Item 1: Trivia Bowl numbers:

Chris reporting finances:

Sponsorship: 14,800 projected; 12,800 received so far.

Auction: 2240 projected; 2115 received so far.

Expenses: 7,863.51

Received profit: $7,051.49

Projected profit: $9,176.49

Total chapter funds: about $56,800

Last year’s Trivia Bowl brought in more.

Post mortem: bad date? Coordinate w/ other events to avoid conflicts with potential donors, eg., AA Bar Association had an event; they bought a table last year.  Also 2 day sbefoe AA Heritage Festival. Plus it is a NY convention year.

We should look to train someone for next year’s trivia bowl to relieve pressure off Bao and Leezel.


Item 2: Profit sharing from convention

The choice: take proceeds from convention (10 percent) or just silent auction net? We want overall—10 percent.

Board vote taken:  5-0 for proceeds from convention.

*Cat to notify National of the decision.

Item 3: Convention updates from Brooke & Paul:

 Friday, June 21 is deadline for pre-registration; price goes up from $300 to $375 for full members.

Note to be sent to Joy Abella to blast out on social media about upcoming deadline.

Programming schedule is up online. Good feedback on program so far, good to get people to see the program. You can download to mobile—app attached to it, though some glitches were found early.

Pre-convention programming as well—training workshops for html, css. CUNY for freelancers, NYU to start their business. Columbia to focus on interactive narrative. Partnering with IRE. Prices range $25-50 as added for members. Limited seats, 20-25 people max.

Paul: Google, working with them to 2 workshops, including Google plus for broadcasters. Details not yet online. Page on site should have pre-convention workshop.

We want to sell Recruiter Plus, 30 resumes. These companies paying AAJA extra, ahead of convention and schedule, more discreet way w/o you have to cruise the booths. No fee for convention goers/members.

Chris: Problem with the listserv.  Something wrong with binhost, may need to find a new service. They stopped billing us 4 months ago.


NY/Time Warner cable: key media sponsors, sponsoring opening reception. Came in at 25K

We’re waiting from Neilsen. May come in at 10-15K.

Cloud NY providing entertainnment, nonprofit promoting AA performers. NY division. Their big fundraiser is later this year. Identified 4 finalists, we’ll get bios and pics and tweet out to help promote Cloud NY.

Item 4: Updates from Paul

Paul: convention registration we are at 65 percent of our target goal.  Need to push. We have about 440, we want 550. Hotel booking at 55 percent of room block, need to meet 85 percent to avoid penalty.

*Need to reach to other chapters to stay at hotels.

Fund-raising goal 245K. Goal of 300K.  Want to reach our target this week.

*Encourage nonmembers to register and go to convention.

Paul is working on items for gold and platinum (separate from Bea).

Item 5: Events

Next chapter meeting: Monday July 9. August meeting:  August 6.

OA/AAJA MIXER :  July 17 or 24.

Preconvention mixer—combine w/ membership mixer for Aug 3 (weekend)

Preconvention mixer for volunteers.  Maybe weekend before, to energize.

On the Aug 19, can use Paul’s hotel suite as a mixer. Also need a place for volunteers to stuff bags

Item 6: Chapter responsibilities for Convention

a.) Silent auction: Sona Patel organizing and Helin Jung receiving items. Sital may advise since she did it last year. Sona in touch with Sanjay (Sanjay and Cynthia as national organizers).

Corky organizing photo silent auction. Doris to donate 2. Cynthia to get in touch for that.


Frames—getting 60 plus photos.  At $35 x 60 = $2,100.  In the past, we got the frames donated because someone in the National office got a donation. After 2009, using Plexiglas frames. National paid for Plexiglas.  Take it out of silent auction profit. Size: 16 x 20.

b.) Sponsorship. Team together.  No promise of money yet.  Conde nast probably not doing a booth. Neither is NASW. TimeOut-NY not likely but is still considering something.

MAC – Michelle working on it, so Cover Girl, Estee Lauder conflicts?  *Brooke to find out if MAC is exclusive.

Maybe contact with designer clothing companies.  We contacted Macys, Club Monaco, Banana Republic. (booth as a style lab for sponsorship).

Additional targets: banks, CUNY TV.

c,) Volunteers for convention.

Michelle Udem leading volunteer team for convention, working with Chris on listserv, list of volunteers from our membership. Get a pool together. Micheelle’s job is to collect the names and put in. Volunteers to get assignments the week before the convention.

Incentive to volunteer: If the volunteer for 4 hours, get a day pass.  Any limits on volunteers getting day pass? Get a sense of how much time each person wants to volunteer. Ask which days you can volunteer

National setting up an ongoing list of what’s needed.  Next month we should have a better list.

Is Michelle coming? No commitment yet to organize the day-of.

*Ask Will Chang to do?

d.) Gold  Platinum members. Bea to secure some items.  Bea to send updates

e.) Mentoring. No protégés/mentees yet, expect some after convention. Paul raised point that it’s unclear what mentees can expect, so better messaging may be needed.

Marcia Santillan resigning this week [gasp].

f.) Scholarships.

Bao: 4 professional and 5 student scholarships available. We received 2 applicants so far. Deadline this Friday. Cat and Bao to look at applications.

“Look for exciting news from National in a couple of weeks.” –Paul C.

B,c,d top priorities.

Major push for July 15 for convention.

*Need to get local members who haven’t signed dup for convention.

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