AAJA-NY January Chapter Meeting Minutes

Sachi Fujimori January 19, 2014 0
AAJA-NY January Chapter Meeting Minutes


AAJA Meeting January 15, 2014

Associated Press, 450 W. 33rd Street

I. National President’s update: Paul Cheung

1. AAJA has 1,739 members as of year-end.

2. 2013 NY Convention recap:

a. 1,300 attendees; $26K net income

b. Projected budget $584K, actual costs $529K

c. Career Fair could have gotten more revenue. And Silent Auction proceeds went down: Detroit ’12 made $23K; NY ’13 made $14K.

d.  NY chapter proceeds. The chapter worked hard to meet its $50K fundraising goal; therefore received a guaranteed $5K

e. For future conventions, will use this fixed sliding scale. If exceed $50K fundraising goal, get 12 %.

3. Other national updates

a. The Power of One Fund, restricted funds for programs, earned 23K.

b. $5K from Power of One, going back into endowment.

c. AAJA National, “very healthy financially year end, with net profit.”

d. AAJA- Heartland Project  in Omaha.

e. Kellogg will sponsor media access workshops in four cities, focusing on smaller markets.

f. Looking for new endowment fund manager and other investment opportunities. “Buy franchises or invest in properties, to sustain programs like Jcamp or Voices.”

g. Membership rates: starting next year, will review every two years to see if it matches market.

h. General Motors is key 2014 sponsor. Giving $7,500 to Trivia Bowl.

i. Sponsors are interested in local events; need to inform national of event schedule so can be part of ask.

II. Brooke Camp, national board restructuring update:

  1. National home office is currently searching for a manager of marketing communications. Goal to have in place by 3rd week of March.
  2.  Restructuring the governing board, as the industry has evolved, need to meet needs of members.
  3. Current structure: 11 governing members; 18 advisory.
  4. Proposed new structure:  12 governing board members
    1. Four executive officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
    2.  Elected chairs (vp ?) for each discipline: Broadcast, print, digital, and visual
    3.  Large, medium, small and at-large chapter reps.
    4. New model streamlines communication; sending two local advisory members 2x year to national meetings is expensive.
    5. Current membership breakdown: 25 % broadcast, 25% print, 10/15% online, 10/15% others and academia

III. Treasurer’s update:

  1. Glenn Sugihara, accountant in National Office, is offering to do bookkeeping for each chapter; it’s an opt-in system; frees chapter treasurers to focus on fundraising.
  2.  Treasurer Carolyn Sun thinks it’s a good idea; will provide more info—board needs to vote.
  3.  She purchased a chapter laptop, loaded with quick-books software to do accounting.
  4. There’s a halt on issuing checks from National
  5.  Chapter funds: Balance as of 1/17/2014 is $46,066. $9,000 Dreyfus fund


IV. Trivia Bowl Update, Bao and Leezel

1.  Possible dates Thursday May 15 or 22; at Broad Street Ballroom, has tables and AV set-up.

2.  Expecting 200-300 people

3. Currently preparing sponsorship letters, w/ a target list.

4. In 2012, made 16K; 2013, 9K

5. General Motors already promised $7,500, which will cover costs— goal to make $20k

6. Staying with same sponsorship rates as last year.

7. Looking for volunteers to help.


V. Scholarships, Helen.

1. Two $1,500 stipends for journalism students with spring internships.

Helen/Sue are starting to create the application.

2. Paul notes that lump sum payment is not a good idea. Students quit internship midway; don’t return the money. Suggest disbursing in three payments.

3. Have scholarship recipients contribute to chapter blog.

4. Board voted yes in favor of four scholarships $55/each for IRE.

VI. Membership listserv

1. Discussed keeping the list open or instead having a regular newsletter.

2. Members can change Google settings, if they don’t like receiving too many emails or want to filter for job news, etc.

3. Sonal advises not keeping it open.

- Suggest having categories for listserv emails- events, jobs, sources/ request for help w/story.

“Many of these problems can be solved with a more active website.”

VII. Volunteer points system -

In the past, 4 hours of volunteer work = part of convention fee stipend.

Yin will send out a Google survey to recruit new members to volunteer; fill out form identifying what they want to do.

VIII. Next meeting and venue

Feb 11 or 12, venue TBA.

Events planned so far for 2014, and some possibilities

1. Mixer, Jan 30

2. AALDEF event in March

3. Columbia J. School job fair (annual event) – get AAJA Columbia student members to man table to help drive new members. See if we can get registration fee waived.

4. Trivia Bowl May 15 or 22

5. Crime writers’ panel (Cheryl Tan): proposed date: June 12. Make it a mixer too. Tiger beer sponsor.

6. National Convention in D.C. Aug 13-16

7. Holiday Party (December) use as membership renewal drive

8. AALDEF in March; few tables

9. Summer picnic and softball ?

10. Asia Society first Fridays of the month; consider co-hosting an April event.



Phil Yam

Sona Patel

Sachi Fujimori

Helen Kwong

Bao Ong

Mike Hale

Leezal Tanglao

Emily Tan

Wayman Wong

Cat Sandoval

Hannah Bae

Yin Mei

Paul Cheung

Brooke Camp (call in)

John Tan



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