AAJA-NY August Chapter Meeting Minutes

Philip Yam August 8, 2013 0
AAJA-NY August Chapter Meeting Minutes


August 6, 2013
I. Brooke co chair update
II. Fundraising/Sponsorship Updates

III. Silent auction (Sona)

Auction items status

IV. Volunteers (Will)

Set-up and volunteers

V.Scholarships (Bao)

VI. Listserv (Cat)

VII. Other business



Via conference call (apologies—I came into the call late because of some technical difficulties on my end)

On the call: Cat, Sital, Sona, Brooke, Bao, Hoda, Will, Philip

III. Silent Auction

Auction lunches with picture editor at NY Times

*Sona to try to get a prize-winning photographer, maybe lunch inside the NY Times building.

Uber to donate. Going to offer $3 off for new users. Uber typically doesn’t do silent auction. Could be useful to offer money for an uber ride. (for airport trip).

*Sona to connect with Helin to get update on what Helin has collected so far.

Sona to follow up to see about Michelle Yu’s autographed tour package  Sona. Good to get more sports parenphalia. Brooke has a signed basketball (from trivia bowl).

Sital: has a couple of luncheons to send in.

Possible yoga classes—possible spa and facial. Still in the works.

Sona: still trying to secure a shipping table. Calls out, hope to settle this week.

I. Brooke: Update on convention:

Programming: we are set.

Priorities: Wednesday pre-convention line-up: we are currently promoting. They are open to any journalist, non-convention goers. Independent workshops. Help in promoting. Doesn’t have to be a journalist or a convention goer.

*Brooke to send link, promote fact you can download app, etc.

Sital: plug the digital workshop, NYU—digital biz boot camp


Need to secure $2,500 now after Sital brought in $7,500 from Wells Fargo (thanks Sital!).

Gala tables are what’s left. A volunteer is combing mayoral candidates. Loft 360 also being asked. Team aim should be to raise $3000.

Need to come up with a game plan to make this work. Get at least 6 seats at the gala table. $500 a seat. Chinatown Ice cream factory. Smaller companies to cut through red tape. Need to know by august 11 for National.

Back-up: NY chapter should purchase the tables to get more time. We’ll hold seats for possible sponsors.

PR, law firms, non-profits. Anyone else?

Brooke has some back channels to try. Board members.

Have a big event and charge something? Too short a time frame in front of convention. Profit for the mega mixer did not hit $1,000—money went to food , space, etc. Ultimately, that event was to have fun, not raise money.

Ask friends, who you know who can donate. See how many conversations you can get.

*Cat to follow up, at least have a conversation by Thursday with someone.

Bea: if someone can send a board note. Not clear what the different options. Can you summarize what’s lef tin an email.

Half table: ticket to convention, name recognition.

Full table: full table, 2 convention tix, name recognition

How much of the seat is tax deductible? Still finding out.

IV. Volunteers (update from Will):

Good number of volunteers is signing up. Corky Lee and Yale student have not signed for shifts. Need people for registrations and room captains, last-minute helping out.

Wednesday not too bad: half 1/3 to ½ shifts filled.

Thu, fRi, low turn-out. Registration. We need fresh bodies to help out.

We’re about halfway there. A lot of convention volunteering happens at the last minute. But it would be good to get a better spread.

*Will to send another listserv announcements.

To post this on FB, social media part. Need to have a log-in on the spread sheet.

For one person per shift, would need 30 people.

We’re dong 4 by 4’s. Any board members.

If individual volunteers 4 hour shift, eligible for rebate of convention registration. $x after the convention. Basing on $150 day rate. Policy still being worked out. Those who got chapter stipends need to put in 2 shifts.

Most shifts are 4 hours long. They have to register their intent early, can’t deal with volunteers early. We need to get people scheduled ahead of time.

Volunteers for the Wednesday workshops.

Wed. volunteers don’t count toward rebate. You get the workshop.

Will not available on Sat. Right now, don’t foresee real need for a co-captain.

Cat: we could go outside AAJA for support.

V. Scholarship

Bao: Scholarships are being set up for their volunteer

Christine Hsu being set up as volunteer.

We have one more professional scholarship.

Vi. Listserv:

We’re looking into starting a google groups instead of binhost. We don’t know if it will work outside of gmail.

*To run a quick test tonight to see if it works with non-gmail accounts.

VI. Other Business or questions?

Bea: does anyone have email to share regarding seats at Gala? (Cat sent around letter that night.)

What do volunteers during the Wednesday workshops? Sital: Wednesday workshop volunteer to supervise the volunteers, registering everyone , order breakfast and lunch, set up, help. People who can rely on. Not heavy lifting. Joy created a facebook page for the event.

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