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AAJA-NY Agenda

@ Conference Call

1) Update on Convention – from National  (7pm)

2) Chapter Responsibilities (720pm)

a) Silent Auction (coordinate w/ national, gather high end items) : Sona Patel (lead), Helen

(item receiver) Need someone on board to f/u.

  b) Sponsors. TW/NY1 Sponsors. goal $10,000

c) Volunteer Team will work w/ National to get ppl for convention and pre-convention

planning : Email Michelle Udem if interested: mpudem@gmail.com. Sital?

d) Gold/Platinum Members (work to secure goodies/experiences for $$ members):


e) Scholarships (Bao)

3) Board Housekeeping (745pm)

a) Listserv update

4) Events  (750pm)

a) Board Meeting Aug 6th Tues

b) ONA/AAJA mixer Yvonne lead, July 17 630-9pm @We WorkLabs 154 Grand

c) Pre-Convention Mixer Aug 3

5) Other Concerns?       (8pm)



JULY 9, 2013, 7 PM – 8:15 PM

On the call:

Cat Sandoval

Philip Yam

Sital Patel

Bea Hundal

Bao Ong

Chris Chiang

Sona Patel

Will Change

Paul Cheung

Update on convention from National:

Brooke to keep us updated. Scheduled talk with Cat next week.


a.) Silent auction, Sona is lead in NY.

Sona: not many items in her possession.

*Sona to send a note to send the chapter requesting leads or items for silent auction. In note, remind volunteers they can help Sona.

Sital worked on silent auction last time.

What is the min number of items? Not clear yet. Sanjay (national rep for silent auction) should be able to say. Aim for $2000 chapter items

Helin volunteered to house items, but Sona can receive at nytimes. Maybe more pragmatic to send to Helin.

*Need to confirm that Helin is still ok—Sona to check.

Chau may have tix, memorabilia to donate—Cat to connect w/ Sona.

Will: is there an area to have people can ship their auction items via UPS?  Members pay for shipping. Question is finding a local operator to collect, an opportunity for a local store. UPS may have discount sponsor.

*Cat to follow up w/ Sona and Kathy via email regarding UPS.

Possible lead: Women in Business — worth tapping. Leezel originally contacted them.

*Bao to link Sona and Leezel so Sona can reach out to Women in Business.

b.) Sponsorship

Difficult to get a lot of money at this point.

Tap the Met after news of Sree’s move? Get donor list.

Need to contact Jeannie Park, tap her contacts. Sital hoping to hear back from Wells Fargo.

*Cat to contacxt Kyung Yoon, working for Korean nonprofit. 

*Chris to contact Asia Society..

*Chris or Sital to contact Jeanne.

Ryan Kim, mentioned some start-ups that might help out.

Ask Tomoko’s company?  E-publishing company (Jennifer 8 Lee’s company).

*Philip to ask Tomiko other ideas.

*Sital to ask Jennifer 8 Lee directly.

*Cat to send Paul the ask letter for convention table.

* Paul to send names to Philip for Sinovision contact.

(CCTV is buying a booth through national.)

Asian-American Bar Assn.

Korean American community foundation

*Bao to go through last year’s Trivia Bowl list

*Cat to talk to Kyung—also in charge o Korean list.

NY Chapter’s take: 10 percent of net profit. Net profit in the past has ranges from 13 to 30 K.

We have notified Kathy we are taking the 10 percent of the  convention profit.

c.) Volunteers

Brooke sent list of volunteer needs. 4 for 4. Michelle Udem in charge of gathering names of volunteers before, during and maybe after. Direct all interested people to Michelle Udem.

Need volunteer coordinator on site during the convention. Need someone for the logistical duty at the convention, making sure people know what they are doing—reminding people who volunteered.

Will may be point man, Sital may help. Let board know who wants volunteer team.

d.) Gold/Platinum members

Bea needs to withdraw as lead. Lillian – no yoga session; Shirley to try to get other goodies. How many gold/platinum: aim for 350 (about 200 members, plus enough for speakers, VIPs, etc).

Some companies interested in donating goodie bags.

e.) Scholarships

Bao: we did not award all, may hold for convention. We gave 2 professional, 2 student.

Should NY chapter make a donation to Voices?  It is a student newspaper project. Students supervised by professionals are sent out to cover the convention. Continues publication through Saturday. Funding tends to fall short on feeding the students during the week.  Decision next week Friday. At least $1,000. [overall feeling is that we will]

3. Housekeeping/Listserv update:

We were about to go with Mailchimp, which the LA chapter uses, but we found it is restricted to board members only (ie., rest of AAJA-NY members cannot send out listservs). So  we are scratching it and will continue to look for an alternative.

4. Chapter Events

Next board meeting August 6.

ONA mixer: July 17 Wed. Good way to check for sponsors. Cat, Philip going for sure.

Pre-convention Mixer: August 3, location TBD. Any suggestions?

First Thursday—wants to have another mixer, First thurs in Sept., seems fine.

Will we need volunteers after the convention? Will, doesn’t think so.

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