AAJA-NY March Chapter Meeting Minutes

Sachi Fujimori March 30, 2014 0
AAJA-NY March Chapter Meeting Minutes

Date: March 27, 2014
Location: Congee Village, 100 Allen Street

I. Upcoming Events
1. Hacks and Flacks DC press happy hour Kimberly Hotel. Friday, March 28. Phil will attend. AAJA is listed as co-host.
2. CBS News for video journalists (April 3) looking for production people to attend the event
3. Trivia Bowl May 15
4. Singapore Noir (Author Cheryl Tan for her new book, June 12)
5. National Convention Aug. 13-16, need to drive members to convention
6. A summer outing ? softball ?
7. Sona organized NYTIMES event to see David Henry Hwang’s play. Good response; perhaps organize our own group ticket purchase and outing.

II. Scholarships
1. Two $1,500 internship stipends—currently reviewing applicants
2. ELP Scholarships. Possible $1,500 to divide up among participants
3. Sital Pitel has a potential $6,000 scholarship opp. with Wells Fargo, for a student to write six articles about Asian- American small business. We need to find out more about where the articles are expected to be placed, and requirements on using their sources and story ideas. Also, question is whether we want to be encouraging students to head into branded content, which this opp. appears like.

III. Treasurer’s report
1. Received the $5,000 share from National Convention. Will go towards Trivia Bowl
2. Balance sheet: Apple checking $47, 128.26. Apple Value Checking $1.00 and $9,000 in Dreyfus. Total= 56, 129.86
3. Major Checks—Leezel will pay $3,750 check twds. Broadway Ballroom deposit for Trivia Bowl.
4. More research needs to be done on investing our cash reserves.
5. Received first check for $1,000 from CBS for Trivia Bowl

IV. Update on National Spring Board meeting from Bao and Brooke (sent notes)
1. Big push to hit 2,000 mark for national membership, and have a committee handling push to get members to renew earlier
2. GM will be main convention sponsor
3. New requirements for each chapter for silent auction: will focus on 3 specific items from each chapter additionally items will be auctioned off on E-bay in a 3 phase approach. Each chapter is responsible for only these 3 items (all other items that do not fall into these categories will be turned down)
#1: Hotel Packages (minimum of 2 nights) and/or Airline Vouchers (we can combine airline tickets with hotel packages to increase the size and value). Please include photos and a short summary with highlights of the hotel/air travel to help promote the items- DUE MAY 31 (phase 1 of auction will be pre-convention)
#2: Designer Retail Item (to include Handbags, Jewelry, Cosmetic Baskets, High-end Gift Cards)
#3: Unique Item to your city/market (an item you cannot get anywhere else). For example: an autographed Yankees baseball with a set of club seat tickets to next year’s game, a handwritten recipe with autograph cookbook of a famous chef from your city, Designer Hawaiian shirt with a box of macadamia chocolates, Concert tickets to a country artist’s show in Nashville, etc.
4. J-camp program will be at Tufts Univ. have 42 participants total of 200 applicants
5. AAJA Governing Board Restructure (notes from Brooke)
a. currently the advisory board is made up of reps from each chapter, the number of reps determined by size of chapter. The governing board, which has actual voting power, is made up of AAJA officers (executive branch) and six elected (legislative branch) governing board members.

Current model as follows:
Executive Branch (elected by AAJA member population):
Vice President for Broadcast
Vice President for Print
Legislative Branch (elected by Advisory Board)
Small Chapter Rep
Medium Chapter Rep
Large Chapter Rep
At- Large
Proposal for new Governing Board model:
Executive Branch
Sr. VP (oversees programming, community outreach)
VP Broadcast
VP Print
VP Digital
Legislative Branch
Small/Medium Chapter Rep
Large Chapter Rep
-The new structure allows for representation from all members based on geography and market size along with representation from the major media platforms (print, digital, broadcast)

-The vote for this proposal was passed and the Governing Board for 2014 is now developing a roadmap and timeline for next steps to implement this new structure
- advisory board members will not have to attend national board meetings

IV. Trivia Bowl update
1. Working on sponsorship
2. Need to do better survey of membership to know their workplace, they can help ask for sponsorship. Perhaps use linkedin to find out this ifo. Phil suggested inviting members to participate in linkedin for journalists session with Yumi Lee, Linkedin journalist contact
3. Any AAJA members work in automotive beat to meet with GM
4. Sponsors: CNN, NBC, ABC, Sital is working on WSJ, Sona spoke with Desiree at NYTIMES.

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